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[NIFI] Improve performance getFTP - fetchFTP


Hi all,

I'm trying to make a bench of my cluster.

When i'm use "ftp command" out of nifi, it takes 66 seconds for 3.5Go and when I get file from nifi "getFTP" or "fetchFTP" with same file, the event duration is 96 seconds.

You do know that parameters could I set in NIFI to improve performance ?




Here some tests with files with differents size :

Event Duration : Size
00:00:30.275 : 9mo
00:00:31.935 : 97mo
00:00:46.383 : 900Mo
00:01:20.677 : 2.82go
00:02:21.075 : 5.6go
00:03:18.802 : 8.4go

It seems that fetchftp processor does some tasks around ~20s before retrieve file..

@mayki wogno

How are the GetFTP and FetchFTP processors configured?

What are the Run Schedule and Concurrent Tasks property values?

@mayki wogno

Will you upload an image of the FetchFTP processor properties?


@Wynner : I'm use the same Schedule and the same Concurrent Tasks.

And for FetchFTP if the parameters "connection timeout" and "data timeout" are set by default value 30s, there is an issue with "Read time out", so i need to change these values by 60s

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