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NIFI RouteOn Atrribute unmatched flow files retry is failing

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I am using Rout on Attribute processor and it is daily running once at 10AM to filter files based on date in the name of file. if a file has today's date it will be sent to unmatched flow files and other than todays date is sent to success flow file. when next day flow is started unmatched flow files has previous day date and they has to be forwarded to success flow file .But in my flow unmatched flow files are not moving into success. 


@MattWho  please help me in this ASAP. thank you in advance


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You will need to use a NiFi Expression Language (NEL) statement to check if the date within the filename matches today's date.

So first thing is isolate from the filename just the date portion and then compare it the output from NEL "now()" function output formatted in same way as source filename date pattern.

Without a sample filename to work with, it would be difficult for me to provide an example NEL statement.

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