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NIFI TailFile Processor not reading continously from smb share over linux

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i have mounted a smb share from windows to linux, the nifi tailfile is supposed to read the file from mounted directory in linux share, the tailfile processor runs for a while then stops reading the file. i have checked the file is getting updated. if i restart the processor, it starts reading the file again. in the linux when cd to the directory/mounted share, the processors start reading the file again. the file size is 5mb, and it does not roll over to create a new one, it just refreshes itself, and start appending data from beginning once it reaches 5mb.

Please assist, this is really important.




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Is there a consistency in the timing of when it stops tailing the file (after 15 minutes of starting processor for example)?

Interesting that it starts tailing again when you cd to the mounted directory.  This seems characteristic of a SMB/CIFS mount that has gone idle.   If you set up a process to touch that file or cd to that mounted directory every 2 mins or so, does the issue go away?

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