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NIFI UI not working after SSL enabelment

Hi All,

I installed CDF 3.4.0 on my HDP cluster 3.1.0 but NIFI UI is not working , It's giving below error


Can someone please suggest what might be wrong?


My initial reaction upon seeing this is that you haven't configured the required digital certificates.
Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Super Mentor

@Chhaya Vishwakarma

Have you recently enabled SSL on your NiFI? Did you use Slef Signed Certificates?

What happens when you Click on the "Advanced" button in the webpage (which we see in the browser)

If you are sure that it is your NiFi server URL then Accept the Risk and then continue b y clicking "Proceed to (unsafe)".

However, if you are not sure that the request response is coming from your NiFI server then please check the certificate using "View Certificate" option and then verify the details before trusting:


The most probable cause for such message appearing in the browser may be because you enabled SSL on NiFi using Self Signed Certificates hence browser is not aware of the certificate authority.

Yes exactly I enable SSL using Self Signed Certificates, I get below after accepting the risk can you advice ?109761-1562213214917.jpeg


Super Mentor

@Chhaya Vishwakarma

As you are using self signed certificate so in that case it is normal for browsers to show the warning message.

You can proceed by clicking on "Advanced" --> "Proceed to (unsafe)".

Then you should be able to access NiFi UI

If it is still giving the error then your Certificates may be not setup correctly. Hernce it might be causing: didn’t accept your login certificate, or one may not have been provided.
Try contacting the system admin.


Have you stored any certificate in your browser? May be there is some issue with your certificate. May be you can provide the exact steps which you used to implement NiFi SSL will give us better idea on what is going wrong.

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