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NIFI installed EC2 instance stops

New Contributor

We are running into a strange issue. We have installed NIFI on one of our EC2 instances and were able to work on it.

But, after some time, it stops the EC2 instance. We try starting the Ec2 instance but it never comes back again.It simply fails to initialize back

So, we have installed NIFI on a different EC2 instance(only NIFI is installed here) . We were able to use NIFI for an entire day but we ran into the same issue,again. The entire EC2 instance is down and the operations team is blaming NIFI for bringing down the EC2 instacne. Please see the EC2 instance log error.

We are using a large EC2 instance.

Please let me know if any one ran into the same issue.




This error message does not look lit it would be specific to NIFI in any way. I would try to consult to EC2 support about this error and see what they say as potential cause, based on the error message. Then I would come back here and ask about how NIFI could do that

The only thing I can think about is a full disk error situation. I don't know if it helps... but just in case.

From the screenshot, you have a second storage device attached to the instance (xvdb) which is somehow become corrupted. How big is xvdb? What have you put on it? What is the fstab configuration? Answering these questions @Kiran Dasari will probably lead you to the problem, but the information you have presented so far does not indicate a problem specifically with NiFi.

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