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NIFI job schedule



Is there a way to kick off multiple Nifi jobs in parallel ? For example, when it comes to sqoop we can kick off 10 different sqoop jobs at the same time in oozie, because they are all separate , I can do that, there is no restriction on that, but if I do this in Nifi, how does that work? Appreciate any help.



@Pramod Kalvala You can schedule multiple jobs at a single given time assuming you have the resource available to cater all of them 🙂

Coming to how can you do that, there are multiple scheduling options available in NiFi. If you right-click on your "Triggering processor", that is the very first processor in your job and click on "Configure", you will see a scheduling tab. You will see an interface as presented below.


There you can see "Scheduling Strategy" drop down. There you can see two major scheduling options.

  • Timer Driven
  • Cron Driven

Timer Driven strategy executes the processor according to the duration mentioned in the "Run schedule". So in this case, the processor will run every second, triggering the next processors in the flow, provided they don't have a schedule of there own.

Cron Driven is the strategy where you can mention a specific time of a day, specific day(s) etc, i.e. the schedule when you can execute that processor. Let's say that you want to run your job @1 PM every day, the Scheduling tab will look something like


You can have whatever number of jobs scheduled to run at 1 PM by using the same scheduling strategy for all of them and all of them will run at the same time. All of those jobs will be separate will not interfere with each other, until you instruct them to do so and will run without any issues, provided that you have sufficient resources for all of them.