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NIFI : summary data ingest



Do you know if it is possible to use RESTFULL API to know how many data ingest/delete by a processor (deleteHDFS or putHDFS) ?



Cloudera Employee
@mayki wogno

I'm not certain of the exact use case you describe but wanted to point you to the API docs section in case you were not aware. The link from the main docs page is easy to miss.

Here is a direct link to only that section:


Just to elaborate on the answer of @Rob, consult the Counters section in the api docs:

You will probably want to create a Counter that is incremented by the ingest/delete processor and then you can query the counter value via the REST API. See also this post:


Hi Thanks,

I know the link rest-api for nifi. But I would like construct a dashboard to know how many data are pass through a specific processor (exemple putHDFS, putSFTP)

@mayki wogno

I understand that you want to construct a dashboard, that is perfectly fine. If you need further help with that, then I recommend you to close this thread and ask a new, more specific question in a new thread. You see, your original question in this thread has already been answered: yes it is possible and you need to use the Counters API.

This community page can work out the best if the questions are specific and new questions are asked in new thread. So I kindly ask you to put some effort into implementing your dashboard and if you overcome an other problem, share it in a new thread.

@pbarna : thanks

i'll do it