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NN and SNN java heap size calculation

Hi All,


I see numerous links which point various equations for calculating NN and SNN heap size.

Can someone provide me the best weblinks with the help of which I can calculate NN and SNN heap size.


Thanks in advance.






Yes we can get some general ideas from various online link. But Cloudera recommends to follow the steps mentioned in this link.


The below link has refers to CDH 5.6 version, you can get any suitable version. I fact, I don't see any major difference in the details between different versions


The difference between the other onlink link and below one is , you need to download the spreadsheet template provided in the below link and carefully fill your current configuration, so that it will give you the recommended yarn configuration output based your current configuration. In case, if you add extra nodes or decomm any existing nodes, then you can recalculate and update your configuration.