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NameNode, Resource Manager HA setup


Please share documents/Articles for setting up NameNode HA and Resource manager HA using Ambari.

Is the complete process can be done using Ambari? simply by pressing Enable NN HA and followed by routine steps, or do we need to run any additional manual steps in NN Server?

Note: Cluster is kerberized, also HBase is installed. Do we need to follow any additional steps in this case?

Ambari Version 2.6

HDP Version 2.6.3

Thanks in Advance.



Below is the link for HA setup for NN/RM using Ambari

Yes, complete process can be done through Ambari.. It will guide you to do some manual steps(run few commands) in command line for Namenode HA setup.

It will be same even though if you install HBase or Kerberized.

Hope this helps you.


Check these links. It's an official document for Enable HA services using by Ambari.

And in case of NameNode HA, you'll execute some commands in namenode1, namenode2 servers as hdfs user, it's not fully automatically support ha procedures on ambari web.