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Need Solution to Push Real Time Data from Kafka to DB2

New Contributor


Real time data needs to push from Apache kafka to DB2 9.1.6. There might be couple of business logics will apply after fetching the data from kafka. What is the best solution to do this usecase? How efficiently DB2 can handle the real time data?

One of the Option:

  1. Kafka -> Spark streaming(processing) -> DB2 9.1.6


@Vikas Reddy

Confluent has some amazing solutions jdbc,REST,Sinks and source connectors that I think is mature.Syncsort has a DB2 certified connector but you can combine a bunch of technics with Kafka connect to achieve.

The above links are good resources.

Hope that helps

Rising Star

I would suggest you NiFi. It is available as HDF by Hortonworks. It is very easy to be used since it is a graphical tool, it allows real time solutions and data transformation. It has a built in connector for Kafka and a built in JDBC connector you can use to write to DB2.