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Need help running HortonWorks Sandbox on PC.

New Contributor

Hey everyone, I am currently trying to run the hortonworks sandbox 3.0.1.

I have installed it on VMware with 22GB of ram allocated and 2 processor cores set, as I cannot enable more than that.

However, I have been facing a myriad of issues in this kind of install, ranging from servers such as YARN, HIVE and SPARK refusing to start fully.

I am incredibly frustrated with my experience with Hortonworks Sandbox. Any help is appreciated.

All I want to do is to complete this guide,

I just cannot get spark-shell started.



@BRinxen First, I feel your pain, as this sandbox was always an issue.  Some advice below.  Second, i would highly recommend you find a way to do something with hive,spark in another more modern form factor (not old hortonworks sandbox).   


That said,  you are going to need like 32 gb of ram on a very beefy machine to role the whole sandbox even then it will struggle.   If you have less resources, you willy only be able to run a few services, not the whole stack. Turn everything else off/maintenance mode.   Start yarn, mapreduce, hdfs first.  Then begin to start hive.   Expect things to take a long time so be patient.  Make sure nothing else is running on the main machine.