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Need suggestion on Calling jar command thru Groovy Execute script Nifi processor failing


Hi Team,

I am trying to calling jar utility in Nifi thru Execute Script processor groovy command like below.

#1. when i give without double quotes in command java params, its taking java class and executing and giving output. 

#2. when i try to add double quotes to params inside java command, its not giving any output, its giving null pointer exception and main method not calling.
#3. How to escape double quotes inside command and how to call the same in Nifi ?
#4. Guys, please suggest me one below use case.

flowFile = session.get()
if(!flowFile) return

def command = "java -cp \"/base_dir/poc/lib/dentine/*\"  -f=\"/base_dir/input/abc.xlsx\" -o=\"/base_dir/output/\"  -av_Log_Directory=\"/base_dir/logs/\" "

def process = command.execute()

def outputStream = new StringBuffer();
def errStream = new StringBuffer();
process.waitForProcessOutput(outputStream, errStream)

flowFile = session.putAttribute(flowFile, "process.exitValue()" , process.exitValue().toString())
session.transfer(flowFile, REL_SUCCESS)
flowFile = session.putAttribute(flowFile, "SCRIPT_EXECUTION", "FAILED")
flowFile = session.putAttribute(flowFile, "SCRIPT_ERROR_MESSAGE", e.getMessage())
session.transfer(flowFile, REL_FAILURE)