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Network error: RPC frame had a length of 56685640, but we only support messages up to 52428800 bytes long.

New Contributor

I use CDH 6.3.2 but got the error;because I have set --unlock_unsafe_flags=true and  --max_cell_size_bytes=209715200


Community Manager

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Vidya Sargur,
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Hi @cl99 , yes, seems there is a 50 MB limit for the max rpc message size in the CDH 6.3.2 version. 

This error is likely the result of the unsafe flag you have turned on.

Best regards


New Contributor

I have set --rpc_max_message_size=134217728 and restart the service,but I got the error again;I find the parameter has been changed to --rpc_max_message_size=134217728