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NiFi 1.16.0 doesnt seems to clean up it content repo folder

New Contributor

Hi Community,


We have disabled the content repository archival by setting following parameters in file.


# Content Repository
nifi.content.claim.max.appendable.size=50 MB
nifi.content.repository.archive.max.retention.period=15 min


But still the size of content repository is increasing as it processes more flow files and occupying all the disk space.


Is there any parameter which we can set to clean up the content repository automatically instead of deleting its contents manually and then restarting NIFI.


Looking forward for your help!!


Master Collaborator

@Rgupta7 ,


Check your flows for flowfiles stuck in queues (.e.g. maybe you have connections to stopped processors or dead-end funnels and messages stay there indefinitely).


Flowfiles are physically stored in bigger files that contain many flowfiles. If even one of those flowfiles are referenced by any queues, those files are never removed from disk.





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