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NiFi: CSVRecordLookupService - Mapping Not Found


If you have ideas for me on how to solve this problem, thanks in  advance - johndcal.


I am using a NiFi flow to create single flowfile from two input files. This flow involves the LookupRecord processor, which requires several controller services.  The controller service that is failing is CSVRecordLookupService - it cannot establish the [very simple] mapping; the error reported is below:



The first file is a file of ML baseball players - the second column is Loc_ID, which is a 3-letter code for the team's city.  The second file contains the Loc_ID (city) and associated state name.  The first file does not contain the name of the state - the goal is to perform the lookup and create an output flowfile that contains the name of the state.


The file schemas and CSVRecordLookupService controller service configuration are shown below.  Samples of the top of the input files, and the process flow, are shown at the bottom of this message.


  • baseball player input file schema:



  • output file schema (state field added):



  • How CSVRecordLookupService is configured:


  • Baseball player input file:


  • [State] lookup file:


  • Process flow:





Super Collaborator

I just tried to test this and did not manage to reproduce the issue you seem to be facing.

I tested a slightly simpler situation (only lookup to see if the value is in the list, and did not use any of the result) but I did use a (single line) CSV as input record and a multiline CSV as reference table.


Below are screenshots of my flow and controller services and here is the actual flow:







Looking more deeply would likely require an actual flow to review.

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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