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NiFi Content Repo full

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i am running a load process where it has to go thru 1 TB files and only extract 100 MB and loads to HDFS.

but my content repo is 1 TB and getting error on it.

i thought it would start deleting the files once it reaches 50% , which its not doing.

how do i cleanup all the processed files??

nifi.content.repository.archive.max.retention.period=12 hours

can i change the archive.enabled=false and restart nifi will clear up the space.??




@Saikrishna Tarapareddy

Those properties refer only to the archive, not the content repository in general.

The content repository only cleans out a claim, that is how flow files are stored in the content repository, after all flow files associated with that claim are out of the flow graph.

Here is a link to an article that describes how the content repository archiving works: Understanding how NiFi's Content Repository Archiving works.

Depending on the version of HDF/NiFi you're using, it will clean out the archived files if you changed the archived.enabled to false.