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NiFi: Flowfiles active in a processgroup

NiFi: Flowfiles active in a processgroup

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I am probably throwing this out a little early without looking in detail the documentation. I am wondering if anyone had used the Rest API's to identify the flowfiles active within a particular processgroup, OR perhaps if you could advise on the appropriate Rest API's that can be utilized to identify.

One additional question, our environment NiFi is kerberized, does the Rest API require authentication and do we need to maintain the token somewhere in the cache to make additional API calls.

Objective: Need to make sure that no flowfile is stuck in a particular process group


Re: NiFi: Flowfiles active in a processgroup

You can use GET /flow/process-groups/{id}/status Gets the status for a process group

The status for a process group includes status for all descendent components. When invoked on the root group with recursive set to true, it will return the current status of every component in the flow.



For active flow you get "runStatus":"Running" and for inactive one "runStatus":"Stopped"

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