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NiFi Getting amount of Flowfile count sent/received at InputPort in NiFI log file.

New Contributor

Hello everyone, I am new to NiFi, so please help me to debug the issue of printing flow file statistics in the log file of the NiFi. So I have an input port that connects to a remote port and gets the data. Currently, the input port is able to receive data from remote ports and forwards it to the next processor for further processing. Initially, I used to get some statistics from the NiFi log file about the number of flow files it received and sent for the next processor at the input port in the below format. 


nifi_amount_flowfiles_sent{instance="test-Nifi",component_type="InputPort",component_name="TENANT1",component_id="d931ff3e-0178-1000-0000-2b4d2d1a7acd",parent_id="d5221ecd-0178-6666-7354-4d2d7e6aaddd",} 0.0


Currently, the input port is receiving data and forwarding data to the next processor but it always prints count 0 in a NiFi log file. Not sure where things are going wrong. Any help/reference will be helpful.




Super Guru

what version of NiFi?

you can tweak the log level of each processor in the properties.

You can also query the stats with reporting tasks

you can also access stats via the rest api

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I am using NiFi 1.11.4 

Currently log of "Input port" is available in the log file but the count of the flow file is not present.

Do you think log level will help there?