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[NiFi] Not Consistent Connection Status returned from NiFi API



I wrote a python program to retrieve the status of process group with this API:/flow/process-groups/{id}/status. I found that some connection status in one of nodes is exactly the same with the one in aggregated status. There are 21 nodes in cluster. I think the sum of all the nodes status equals the one in aggregated status, this is what I mean consistent status. For example, the value of bytesQueued in aggregated status should equals the sum of all the value of bytesQueued in the separate node.

Could this be a bug or did I have something wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks advanced!

This is the connection status in aggregated status:


This is the node(bj1175) status: the connection status is the same as the one in aggregated status(last picture)


This is the other node(bj1228) status:





I am sorry for the last additional picture, because it's the same as the second one. I tried to delete it but failed. If you know how to, please tell me. Thanks!

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