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NiFi Not getting Restarted

Hi All, I am facing a wierd problem today.

We noticed that the space in the root partition was full. The /var/log/nifi is configured in the same partition.

I cleared almost all the nifi logs, however within a minute they are appearing back and making root partition full.

What might be the cause for this ? How do I get it resolved? I have a standalone nifi instance


I am also seeing this error--> org.apache.nifi.bootstrap.RunNiFi Status File no longer exists. Will not restart NiFi

in bootstrap.log

@Akash S

Sounds like you enabled some flow and based upon your current logging levels configured in your logback.xml you have insufficient disks space to sustain the amount of output being created.

You can reduce the log level via the logback.xml before restarting NiFi.

If the logging being produced is a result of a ERROR or WARN, you may want to restart your NiFi dataflow in a stopped state.

To do this change the following line in the configuration file before restarting NiFi:


Do not forget to change this property back to "true" later so your NiFi does not always startup in a stopped state.

With everything in a stopped state you can make dataflow adjustments and enable/start only select processors/components.



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