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NiFi PutMongo with Dates

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I am running into some serious JSON validation errors, which is not really needed when I am trying to insert records into MongoDB, which expects "Extended JSON". This is when I am trying to use PutMongo Processor!


Here is the scenario:

I have a input CSV like this:



Through a series of processors, i got it formatted to the shape that is as expected by MongoDB update statement.
{$set: {"createdon": ISODate("2017-03-03"),"bpno": "1234","age":"12","ordered":"xyz"}}


PutMongo is failing to update this statement, because ISODate is not complying to Standard JSON! (com.mongodb.util.JSONParseException) I have reached a dead end here, due to this!


Is there a way we can relax this insert this record with Date field?

Any solution or alternate approach, is really appreciated!


Here is the screenshot of PutMongo


(PS: PutMongoRecord works fine, when we use appropriate AVRO schema, with date annotation. In my case mentioned above, i need to do an update, hence using PutMongo)



try this

"createdon" : {
"$date" : "putInHereDate"

instead of 

"createdon": ISODate("2017-03-03")

you can solve this also via JOLT 

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