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NiFi bulletins change properties


Hi guys.

I can't find out how to change properties of bulletins. My case is to change notification time for some processor's bulletin from default 5 minutes to 10 minutes for example. And also extending this task - change time from 5 min to forever until an issue will be fixed. Thanks for any suggestions!



Hi @Alex Coast

Those bulletin properties can not be changed. In an environment where users share an account or in an unsecured installation, clearing/changing the properties could lead to bulletins not being seen by some users.

Having said that, the UX could be improved. There have been some Jiras filed regarding this, such as:

Also there is a feature proposal about implementing a Notification System to better manage bulletins.


Thanks, Andrew! We already implement something like the Notification System that's why we have started to think about bulletin's properties:)


@Alex Coast

I forgot to include the link to the Notification System feature proposal:

Would be great if you had any comments or feedback to share.

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