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NiFi - to know whether a flow has suceeded or failed and also how to know at what part the failure has occured

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How to know whether a flow has succeeded or failed and also how to know at what part the failure has occurred in NiFi?


Super Guru

@surajnag This is a great question.  Here are some of my ideas which I have used in development and production nifi flows.


  1. During development route all flow exceptions to an output port.  I call these EOL, or End of Line and increment them with #s, like EOL1, EOL2, EOL3.  I use these to hold failure, retry, original, no-retry, etc type outbound connections during testing.  As I move to production, some of these may be auto terminated, and some may remain.
  2. In production, I route ALL major points of failure which are not auto terminated to an output port called ERROR.  In my flows I sometimes have multiple ERROR output ports for difference purposes.   Depending on the use case, the error is sent to some type of event notification.  For Example:  send an email, or post to a slack channel.  In other cases these are routed to a process group that is in a stopped/disabled state.  Based on the error, I may make some change in the flow, and then enable/start the flow to create a method to REPLAY that flowfile.
  3. In reference to successful end of flow, I may just auto terminate, as I want to assume the flow is always on, and everything has succeeded if it is not routed as above in #1 or #2.  In other cases the bottom or end of the flow is also routed to some type of Event Notification.  However, be careful here, as you could create tons of notifications depending on your flow.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful.



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