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Nifi - flow files stuck in queue

New Contributor

Have a process that I started yesterday. It was working and processing flow files. It is pulling from SQL and pushing to SQL and the data pull has roughly 15 million rows. When I started yesterday it had 29 files in the queue (where is says 27 now). It did process the initial 2 flow files. This morning I come in and it stopped processing the files right before the ExecuteSQL processor. I read on another thread about number of threads, it was set to 20 and I increased to 30 and then 50 with no change. I did stop the processor and restart, no luck. The server is clustered but I am only using it on a single node. Attached are images of the processing and how it essentially stopped, the queued up files, the schedule and properties of the executesql processor.

Thanks in advance!



New Contributor

Problem solved.....the processor was set to "Primary Node Only", once I set it to use "All nodes", the flow started processing files again.

Used this link to solve my issue: