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Nifi: Avoid merge 2 flowfiles from the same processor

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This is the situation: I want to merge 2 flowfile one from processor1 and the second from processor2, the problem is that processor2 is faster than processor1 so with time processo2 generate 2 flowfile before processor1 and the processor MergeContent merge 2 flowfiles from processor2 


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As you can see the Mergecontent processor has several parameters for ensuring messages with a commonality get merged.


This could be used in the way that you let each of the two processors give the messages an attribute, and only merge things with the same attribute.


You appear to be looking for the opposite. I am not aware of any such parameter, and am also not sure if this is in the spirit of what mergecontent was designed for. Perhaps it is time to step back and see if mergecontent (or even NiFi) is the best tool for this specific job.

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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