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Nifi CRON based Scheduling done for every day, but runs alternate day

New Contributor


I am using Nifi CRON Driven scheduling. I am using 0 0 17 * * ? . This is supposed to run everyday at 5 PM. But Surprisingly it runs every alternate day at 5 PM. Please help me. 




Expert Contributor

Hi @Tanred,

Ideally, it should run every day at 5 pm. Please, can you check the NIFI app logs of 2 consecutive days and see the log entry at that time. Else paste those error trace here for further analysis. 

New Contributor

The Nifi logs messed up. I can see that CRON job is not at triggered every day. I mean, suppose if the CRON is run on 23-11-2019, then 24-11-2019 the job itself is not triggered. I don't know why ?

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