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Nifi Cannot swap in FlowFiles from location

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When 43,508 flow files are sent to SplitJson, they are stacked in the queue and processed within the value set in nifi.queue.swap.threshold(= 20000).

After that, a swap file was created and there are 23,508 stacks in the queue

but it is not running any more and is stopped.

nifi-app.log seems to be in progress because of an error in swap in.

2019-04-05 16:31:59,534 WARN [Timer-Driven Process Thread-6] o.a.n.controller.FileSystemSwapManager Cannot swap in FlowFiles from location D:\download\NIFI-1~1.0-B\NIFI-1~1.0\.\flowfile_repository\swap\1554449490032-01691059-3464-1fc9-0a1a-9def8b12c89e-15293fe8-c2ea-4f9d-a4fb-fd992716903d.swap because the FlowFile Repository does not know about this Swap Location. This file should be manually removed. This typically occurs when a Swap File is written but the FlowFile Repository is not updated yet to reflect this. This is generally not a cause for concern, but may be indicative of a failure to update the FlowFile Repository.

Changing nifi.queue.swap.threshold = 40,000 will process up to 40,000 and stop equally.

Thank you for your help.



We have the same issue, has anyone found any solution to this case?

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This seems to happen since 1.9, I reverted back to 1.8.0 and it runs again.

Before I did this, I turned off the caching for any repo in the Had no effect on this issue, only made Nifi extremely slow (as expected)

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Breakdown down your problem into layers.after splitjson try ingesting into Kafka/HDFS then you understand why its not swapping.


After read the content of the link below a made some changes in both e boostrap.conf files. That changes solved the issue, for now. file:


Bootstrap.conf file:

<# JVM memory settings



coment Garbage collector usage

<# java.arg.13=-XX:+UseG1GC/>

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The attached screenshot shows your running version as Apache NiFi 1.9.0.
There is a known issue in that released that results in the ERROR condition you have encountered:


This issue was addressed as of Apache NiFi 1.10.


Hope this helps,