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Nifi Demo Installation through Ambari failed


I have installed HDP 2.6.3 and its working fine.Now i want to add Nifi through Actions--> Add service option in Ambari . But after installation its showing "failed installation". During installation there were approximately 16 recommended config changes. I tried to modify as per the recommendations but again some other service conflicts are arising. What should i do now? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.nifi-installation-failed.jpgnifi-demo.jpg


@Marshal Tito

Follow this link to have NiFi on your HDP stack.

Let know if you need any other help!


@ Rahul Soni Thanks for your response. I tried following the link you shared. But still the same problem.when i tried to install HDF management pack, it says "already installed". I am trying to Add service in the same sandbox where is my HDP. is the the issue? Then why in HDP Ambari there is option for Add Service to Add Nifi demo? Please help me. i am stuck in the same issue for a long time.:(

Thanks in advance.hdf-mpack.txtnifi-installationfailed-error.txt