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Nifi ExecuteScript processor Python example ?

New Contributor

Does anyone have a simple "hello world" python script for the ExecuteScript processor?



Hi John,

I would recommend you reading this post :

New Contributor

Thanks, your recommendation let me to on the same blog which is the python (jython) example I was wanting.

Super Guru

There are examples of individual "recipes" in all sorts of languages on my 3-part ExecuteScript Cookbook article.

New Contributor

The Coludera documentation is the worst ever!  Is sad .

Expert Contributor

everybody is entitled to an opinion but may I ask why are you saying this? 🙂

As you are on a NiFi post, I assume that you are referring to the Cloudera NiFi documentation? I find it very helpful, especially combined with the NiFi's original documentation. It even has some additional thins compared to the original documentation.

No matter the feedback, positive or negative, it is good when you know what to do with it. In your case, if you would provide a better and more structured feedback, maybe somebody from Cloudera would understand your point of view and he/she could modify the documentation 🙂

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