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Nifi ExecuteStreamCommand literal question mark

Nifi ExecuteStreamCommand literal question mark

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I have a command that I would like to run using the execute stream command that has command parameters that locate raw data via a path and then specifies where the output of the command needs to go via a URI that takes the form



The question mark in this URI is a query where you specify some parameters that enable the command to look for other files with settings that are required for the command.


That question mark is being run as %3F which means the query fails and in turn the command fails.  I have tried everything to escape this including URL decode but I am completely stuck.  How do you use the literal ? in an execute stream command processor?


Here is an example input arg that I specify and the output error from the logattribute processor.



URI file:///D:/in2016_e02/Processing/Caris/HDCS_Data/in2016_e02/in2016_e02.hips%3FVessel=Investigator_em122;Day=2016-350. No query specified.
You must specify the Vessel to be used, and optionally the Day



Re: Nifi ExecuteStreamCommand literal question mark

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Not sure if I understand correctly, but it seems like you are trying to pass a path and parameters in 1 place, where Nifi did not expect this.


If this is the case you should be able to work around it by actually referring to a script with the path, and adding the parameters in/as an addition to the command arguments.

If your current script cannot handle this, you can consider to create a thin wrapper around it. 

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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