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Nifi: Failed to retrieve directory listing when connecting to FTP server


Hello !

I have a ListenFTP processor opened on a port and when i am trying to connect to it via FileZila i have an error "Failed to retrieve directory listing". 
The connection seems to be establish first but then this error occurs.

image (17).png

 Nifi is hosted on an ubuntu server running in a docker image

image (16).png

 ListenFTP processor is opened on port 2221 


I tried to change some configuration in FileZila but nothing worked. 

The connection works well on localhost. 

Somone has already encoutered that kind of issue ?



Hi @azg ,


Do you know what version of NiFi is included in the docker image you're running?

And when you say "the connection works well on localhost", can you expand on what exactly you did to confirm that the connection "works"?



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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The latest version of Nifi is running (1.16.0)
When I say the connection works fine in localhost, I mean that my Nfii service is launched via docker-compose on my computer. When I access Nifi via https://localhost:8443/nifi/ and use a ListenFTP processor on port 2221, the connection via FileZila works. i can transfer files and treat them in Nifi.
Localhost :


FileZila connection :