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Nifi GetTwitter processor fetching irrelevant tweets without the filter terms

Hi - I have successfully been running Apache NiFi to fetch tweeter posts for long. But Yesterday, I noticed it doesn't fetch tweets based on 'Terms to Filter on' for GetTwitter Processor. I tried mentioning the terms very clearly and even a single term doesn't fetch relevant tweets, rather the processor is just fetching any irrelevant tweets and loads into a file using putFile processor.

I shall appreciate if you kindly help me find out , where it has gone wrong. For ref. I am using HDF 2.0.

Shall appreciate your quick n precise reply. Also attaching the screenshot of the processor.



New Contributor



From your screenshot, you are filtering based on both location and filter and GetTwitter processor will retrieve tweets matching either condition 

According to Twitter API documentation:

"The track, follow, and locations fields should be considered to be combined with an OR operator. track=foo&follow=1234 returns Tweets matching “foo” OR created by user 1234."