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Nifi ListFile processor not picking files in certain cases

New Contributor

I have set up a simple flow in NiFi 1.12.0:

  • ListFile -> (success) -> FetchFile
  • ListFile has the below configurations





  •  ListFile processor is expected to pick the files in the configured directory and the files are tracked based on the timestamp of the files.
  • This feature of ListFile works uncertainly. In some instances, it picks the files with same timestamp(different file name). And in some other cases, only the files with different timestamp is picked.

Is there any configuration level changes to be done to resolve this?


Master Guru

Is this one node of NiFi or a cluster?


remember NiFi is case sensitive and windows could have case issues on file names.


you need to put a minimum file age and size on there so it doesn't try to process something before it's done being written to