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Nifi PostgreSQL CDC

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QueryDatabaseTable processor provides to capture inserts. Is it possible to get updates and deletes without a trigger or postgresql solution?



Hi @Mustafa Kemal MAYUK

There's a MySQL CDC processor in NiFi (CaptureChangeMySQL) but no native CDC solution for PostgreSQL currently. You can capture updates by using and updating a timestamp field together with QueryDatabaseTable. Delete are harder to get, you can use logical delete with delayed hard delete to let NiFi get them before. Another option is to use external CDC solution like Attunity.

I hope this helps

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Thanks @Abdelkrim Hadjidj.

Do you mean software delete by logical deleting? (Not actually delete, update some fields)

Are there any native solution for mongodb or cassandra?

What do you think about using triggers? (writing insert,delete,update records to a table)



I’m finishing this component in nexts 3 weeks... is a processor fto NiFi.


Here a link

CDC PostgreSQL

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how can i use it


Is there any news how to get this ?


I can't login into Jira of apache. Is there any way for me to get it ?


sorry? Does he provided the answer somewhere?

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