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[Nifi] The meaning of Process Group metrics

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I'm using Nifi 1.3.0. I recently started collecting Nifi metrics. For testing purposes I created a simple Process Group and a corresponding dashboard in grafana. Surprisingly, I noticed that the values in grafana chart do not correspond to the values in Nifi UI (see image attached). Only BytesRead and BytesWritten seem to be equal.

I tried to find any documentation regarding all these metrics but I failed (I mean FlowFilesReceivedLast5Minutes and so on). I can only guess their meaning from similar docs ( Can anyone elaborate about them?

It is worth mentioning that I have implemented my own InfluxdbReporter (based on StandardGangliaReporter) so there is a possibility that I made a mistake in my code, however, I double-checked it.

I will appreciate any explanations or suggestions.