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Nifi http post -F parameter

Nifi http post -F parameter

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I am working with invokehttp module and need to make a POST request. It has three parameters: -H, -d, -F.
-H meanings are transmitted through a couple of attributes and its meaning.
-d - through flowfile content in a necessary view.

How do I transmit -F parameter? I want to use rest api on nifi.


Re: Nifi http post -F parameter

@QWERTY   I am not sure what you mean by parameters for InvokeHttp.  If you can explain further perhaps I can comment more.    That said, I have used InvokeHTTP (Nifi 1.9+)  many times for many Use Cases and all elements needed are part of this processor for $_GET & $_POST to any API.


  1. POST Body (file) Content goes in the content of the Flow File
  2. GET values and parameters go after the Remote Url with this format: http://remote.url/?value1=1&value2=2
  3. Additional Configuration is found in the Processor Configuration Values to send headers, authorization details, ssl details, proxy, etc.


I suspect you may find that -F is #2 above.



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