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Nifi logs flooded with avro LogicalTypes warning


We recently upgraded to Nifi version 1.17.0 and now our nifi-app.log is filled with the following WARN level log

[Validate Components Thread-5] org.apache.avro.LogicalTypes Ignoring invalid logical type for name: timestamp-millis

And this just keeps going every couple of seconds. 


We have not made any changes re the "Use Avro Logical Types" option in ExecuteSQL processes, they are all using default false.


What do we need to do to stop this warning from flooding the log file?



Master Guru

I believe the type checking for logical types is more strict now as of and NiFi 1.17.0 (when we upgraded to Avro 1.11.1). Are you using "int" or "string" as the normal Avro type? According the spec ( it must be "long".