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Nifi not able to load available buckets in nifi registry

New Contributor

I have secure nifi and nifi -registry with ldap working fine running on the same machine. 


Nifi is running with alb listening on 443 and forwarding to 9999 -- same isntance.

Nifi -registry running with alb listening on 443 and forwarding to 8443 -- same instance.


Dns for nifi -- dev.nifi-test.------------

Dns for nifi -registry - dev.nifi-registry.--------


Imported the nifi-registry cert chain into trustore used by nifi , so no issues with ssl handshake between nifi and nifi-registry.


Intial admin user loaded from LDAP have full access in nifi and was given all access to bucket and can proxy user requests and bucket policies set to full access for this user.


In nifi controller settings are pointed https://dev.nifi-registry...........


But available buckets are not showing up . Please help with this issue.



It was a really annoying problem. Somehow, I managed to solve at that time but I dont remember how right now and I cannot check config files because I have changed my job. I don't remember exactly, but it was fixed by making some changes in the config files. So you have to make sure you set your configs properly for both nifi and registry. Sorry, couldnt help 😞

New Contributor

It's alright, thank you for replying. 

Do you remember if the changes were in nifi config file or nifi-registry config file ?