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Nifi parameter context via CLI


Hello Nifi'ers, Good Day..


I am trying to create parameter contexts from CLI toolkit. 

I have some 100 parameters (non sensitive) and 100 DB passwords (sensitive)

I created a json file and they got successfully imported into Nifi.


I stored this file in my Nifi Instance as plain json.

But I am thinking is there any way that I can keep a passcode or encrypt this json file and send to the CLI command :


"nifi import-param-context -i '/abc/def/xyz/nifi-input-files/parameter_contexts.json'"


because I feel insecure storing DB passwords in a json file and placing it in a server.


Is my thinking correct or is there any better way to input 100's of  DB passwords to Nifi. obviously I dont want to type them in UI.. and i dont know when I need to change the passwords I need to change at different job levels in UI. So i feel its not a correct way. Please feel free to correct me and Guide me. Thanks a lot!!