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Nifi secure cluster issues: Authorizer is not inheritable

Nifi secure cluster issues: Authorizer is not inheritable


I have a secured nifi cluster, i am trying to connect a new node to that cluster but i am getting an exception:

Proposed Authorizer is not inheritable by the flow controller because of Authorizer differences

After reading about the solution at it seems that the only option is to copy the authorizations.xml and users.xml from an existing node in the cluster.

My question is why should it work like that?, why can't it be implemented like how the flow.xml.gz inheritance is implemented.

If nifi is not in a cluster: create an empty flow.xml.gz, and if it is, inherent the flow.xml.gz from the cluster

But when dealing with authorizations it first creates the authorizations.xml and users.xml files from the authorizers.xml config (if those files do not exist), and if the node is trying to connect to a cluster it can't because it just created new authorizations.xml and users.xml files.

Is there a reason why it works differently then the inheritance of the flow.xml.gz i'm missing, is it something worth opening a jira ticket for?

Thank you


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