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Nifi tailfile processor is not getting the logs from csv file as this csv file grows with some network logs automatically?

hi developers,
I've a file name alerts.csv which grows with some network logs data automatically.I've to watch the new log event on it and transmit this new entry to another cluster that's why i'm using Nifi TailFile processor.But it seems it does'nt work with csv and produces the error mentioned below.
error:Attempted to position reader at current position in file /var/log/snort/alerts.csv but failed to do so due to java.nio.filenoSuchFileException:/var/log/snort/alerts.csv



Master Guru

@Muhammad waqas


The "java.nio.filenoSuchFileException:/var/log/snort/alerts.csv" excpetion leads me to belive NiFi cannot even see this file.


Does the user that owns the NiFi java process have the ability to navigate to the /var/log/snort/ directory and read the "Alerts.csv" file?


Thank you,