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Nifi to write data into HDFS as different user


Hi All,

Nifi is writing the data into PUTHDFS as JSON files. The file permissions and owner of the files are as follows

File_name1 rwx-- nifi:hadoop

There are two things which we don't understand . We do not have Nifi LDAP integrated so far . it runs on default user Nifi.

I cannot ask nifi to change the permission while writing the data or change the owner which is accessible to hive .

We are getting permission denied errors while reading the data from hive . We cannot change the permissions in nifi as it is not added in superusers group . We did tried to add nifi as superusers group . but failed to change the owner information .

How can I write the files which is accessible for both hive and Nifi or how can I change the owner/permissions in nifi after writing the data into HDFS .


Rising Star

@Lenu K

Are you using a keytab with PutHDFS?

You could set the permission of the directory to which PutHDFS is writing to allow group/other read access so that Hive can read that directory, and also set the umask in the PutHDFS processor to write files that are readable by group/other.

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