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No R interpreter in Zeppelin, HDP 2.5

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Version Information:

CentOS release 6.7 (Final)
R version 3.2.3 is installed on all data nodes.

I followed the below directions to install Zeppelin on data node 01.

When I view the interpreters tab, the following interpreters appear.

- angular - jdbc - livy - markdown - sh - spark

By using the example notebooks, I can see that the %sh, %md, and %pyspark interpreters work, but no %r interpreter exists.

No %r interpreter.


No %sparkr interpreter.


Does the ambari deployed Zeppelin not support R? This says it does.

Or is there some hook that only invokes it if it detects a certain version ?


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I'll follow up on that and correct or clarify.

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Quick update: the R interpreter has been removed from the list for now. SparkR via Livy remains on the list.

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Out of curiosity, why is R/SparkR only provided through Livy in HDP 2.5 as it is provided as standard with the standalone Zeppelin package? Thanks.

Hi, @Laurence Da Luz

I have some problem

I use


but it tell me that

"Cannot start sparkr."

how can I solve it?

where can I check SparkR has installed?


@lgeorge @justin kuspa @Rick Moritz

Any further updates on why the R interpreter was removed in 2016? Will functionality differ from RStudio in terms of running R Code through the Livy interpreter in Zeppelin?