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No available Impalad to send queries to


We are running CDH 5.3.3 with Hue 3.7.0, and just added impala via Cloudera Manager. Whenever we log on to Hue, the "No available Impalad to send queries to." appears. Cloudera Manager doesn't report anything wrong with either impala or Hue. The impala and Hue logs don't show any errors. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



For completeness, I also want to add that the impala-shell works without a problem. The issue seems to be restricted to Hue.


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Problem solved. Rebooting the cluster servers didn’t fix the issue. The problem was due to Hue being configured with LDAP. Even though I didn’t find anything that says otherwise, I didn’t think that Having LDAP implemented for Hue required Impala too to be configured for LDAP. After doing that the misconfiguration message disappears, and everything works fine.

Thanks again for your help!

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Are all the impalads up in the Impala service? (in the "instances" tab)


Yes, they are. Cloudera Manager doesn't report any anomaly, and nothing is shown in the logs that might indicate a problem of any nature. Impala-shell works fine. Hue is the only thing that seems to have issues. Server name and port number for impala in hue.ini are correct. The deamon on the target host is indeed listening to the right port number.

Is the Hue Impala App working or do you just get the warning on the
start-up page?

Did you also check the impalad address on the Hue page /desktop/dump_config
[impala] tab?


I get the message right after I log on to Hue, right at the time Hue checks the configuration. As for the app, if I click on it, the browser hangs for a while before finally showing the Impala editor page. However, no list of databases is shown as the app seems unable to retrieve any.

Did you check the /desktop/check_config page?

I'm sorry, bear with me. On the configuration page for Hue, if I click on "desktop" in the "Configuration Sections and Variables" section I don't see check_config. Am I looking in the wrong place?


Unless you are talking about the Hue main page. Here is a snapshot that shows what I see after logging on to Hue:



For some reason I don't see the picture 😉

But if you go http://hue-host:8888/desktop/dump_config --> "Configuration
Sections and Variables" --> [impala]

Check server_host and server_port


Thanks. Server_name is one of the servers where the impalad deamon is running. The port number is the default one (21050).