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No node in path [/ZKDTSMMasterKeyRoot/DK_18]


The distcp was wotking fine between two secure (kerberos) clusters.

After adding the Key Trustee KMS , the distcp Failed to renew token kms-dt


The kms.log show belowe errors....



2018-04-11 20:34:16,974 ERROR No node in path [/ZKDTSMMasterKeyRoot/DK_18]
2018-04-11 20:34:16,974 WARN Authentication exception:$InvalidToken: Unable to find master key for keyId=18 from cache. Failed to renew an unexpired token (kms-dt owner=xxxxxx, renewer=yarn, realUser=, issueDate=1523496856532, maxDate=1524101656532, sequenceNumber=75, masterKeyId=18) with sequenceNumber=75



any pointers ?




New Contributor
Hi Bharatm,

Did you got any resolution of this Issue, we are getting exactly the same issue.



Super Collaborator

Hi @MohammedFayum2,


Could you please let us know what are the source and target cluster CDH versions?


After CDH5.12.0 (which starting to contain the fix for HADOOP-14104), distcp between clusters that both have KMS (or by feature name: hdfs transparent encryption enabled) requires the exclude parameters (mapreduce.job.hdfs-servers.token-renewal.exclude). Without the parameter disctp will fail with the error complaining about delegation token renewal.




Thanks and hope this helps,


Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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