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Not able to add any Service in Ambari "Add Service Wizard" - everything is greyed out,

Rising Star

I am using "admin" account to add a new service using Ambari UI. Everything is greyed out.

Anyone know why? And how to solve this issue?





Cloudera Employee

Hi @sandeepksaini ,


Normally, any user having the Ambari Administrator role is allowed to add a service to the cluster. In your case, do you mean even after selecting the service you wanted to add in the Add service wizard, the "Next" button is disabled?

Any errors in ambari-server.log? Also, could you try restarting your Ambari server to see if it helps?

Prashanth Vishnu

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1) "Next" button is enabled and I can select on it. It's just that I want to install NIFI service on new host and the option is greyed out.

2) I haven't checked the logs

3) I have already done that and it didn't worked.

Cloudera Employee

@sandeepksaini Can you share a screenshot of the Add service wizard to highlight which option is currently greyed out?