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Not able to get ranger audit- access details, getting error Unable to connect to Audit store !!

New Contributor


HI I am using HDP2.5 sandbox, when I try to accces audit logs I get error "Unable to connect to audit store".

all other ranger-other-audit.jpg, tabs/fuctions are working fine except this audit-access logs.

Also, solr and ambari-infra services are running.



@Sunil Gaikwad Can you please check whether the audit configurations are proper.

Check the audit properties in ambari/ranger config. Also see if there are any errors during ranger startup.

Hi Sunil,

Take a look at this tutorial - to confirm your steps. If you still see that message, check to confirm you have a ranger_audits collection.


If you don't see it, I recommend restarting the Ambari Infra service. After you see the collection in Solr, you should see the audit logs:



@Sunil Gaikwad

Have you enable the corresponding Ranger plugins ? Ambari Ui---> Ranger--->Config--->Range Plugin