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Not able to log into ambari dashboard

New Contributor

While selecting to launch dashboard it is redirected to and i am getting an error as below

I imported sandbox docker 2.5 into virtualbox 5.2



Super Mentor

@Swaraj Machiraju

As we see that your port 8080 is showing. EDB Postgress process which indicates that you might be Running a background Postgress process on your Laptop which is causing conflict with the Sandbox Ambari port 8080.

So please stop the EDB postgress process on your laptop and then try accessing the port 8080 again.

Or change the default port of EDB postgres to something else. Please refer to the following link to know more about EDB postgres:

The above link says:

● Specify the Port on which the Apache/PHP server is listening; by default, the Apache/PHP server listens on port 8080.


New Contributor

@jay kumar Thanks Jay for your response. I have uninstalled EDB postgress from my machine as I am no longer using it. I have also checked the task manager for any background services related to postgres EDB. But could not find any. Not sure how to track which service belongs to EDB postgress. Is there a way i can find that?