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Not able to view the contents of the RDD in spark Streaming


Below is my sample code: and it is not printing any contents in RDD.Appriciate your help

object MyTest { def main( args: Array[String] ) {

println("Before Spark Streaming context") val ssc = new StreamingContext("local[*]", "MyTest", Seconds(30)) println("Compiled successully and ran!!") // val kafkaParams = Map[String,String]("" -> "") // val kafkaParams = Map[String,String]("" -> "","zookeeper.connect" -> "") val kafkaParams = Map[String,String]("" -> "","zookeeper.connect" -> "", "" -> "spark-streaming-test","" -> "1000") println("The value paseed to kafka: " + kafkaParams) val topics = List("testlal6").toSet

val lines = KafkaUtils.createDirectStream[String, String, StringDecoder, StringDecoder](ssc, kafkaParams, topics).map(_._2) println("The value coming as line: " + lines) val alarmMsgs = lines.filter( s => s.contains("Received alarm from mediation service")) println("The value coming as alarms: " + alarmMsgs) val regexPattern = new Regex("date[a-zA-Z0-9;=\\-\\s:\\._]*") val actualAlarms = alarm => regexPattern findFirstIn alarm get) println(" alarms: " + actualAlarms) actualAlarms.foreachRDD((rdd, time) => {

rdd.foreach(println) val split = rdd.flatMap(line => line.split(";"))

println("-------------------------------------------------------------------------------") rdd.saveAsTextFile("sample.txt") split.collect().flatten.foreach(println)



// ssc.checkpoint("/data05/vpns_poc/chkpoint") ssc.start() ssc.awaitTermination()

} }


New Contributor

StreamingContext is being sent the parameter "local[*]" which is not going to work. Try using local[2] or > 2. I had the same problem early on in my Spark Streaming work.

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