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OS type For Apache Zeppelin

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Hello, we have a Cloudera CDH 6.3 distribution in production and awaiting a migration to the CDP version we wanted to install Zeppelin. We do not want to install Zeppelin in a "managed" way by Cloudera Manager and, for compatibility with the CDP, we have chosen version 0.8.2. my question is: from the Zeppelin official documentation it is indicated that java 1.7 and Centos6 is tested, are there any contraindications in using java 8 and RH7.x? I also ask because Java 8 and RH7.x are supported by Cloudera as part of the CDP. Thank you


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I have never encountered problems on Centos7 and jdk8 for Zeppelin 0.7.3. But the requirement in the doc could also depend on some specific interpreters.

We mostly used Hive interpreter.


I would try with a dedicated virtula nodes for testing.


Hi @SimoneMasc ,

Thank you for reaching out to Cloudera Community!

I would request you to please review the below documentation on basic requirements (OS/DB/Java/Network/Platform etc.)


Also, which describes about data migration.


Madhuri Adipudi, Technical Solutions Manager

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